Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Season 1 Episode 8

After ambushing Ben at his house, Ra’ad (one of the aliens captured by Aggregor) blames him for letting Aggregor recapture the other four aliens through the Ultimatrix. While trying to resist being scanned by the Ultimatrix with his electric powers, Ra’ad causes it to malfunction, and ends up deactivating it while both his and Ben consciousnesses trapped within his body. Despite Ra’ad’s protests, Gwen and Kevin reactivate the Ultimatrix, and separate Ben from the alien. But in doing so, they alert Aggregor to their location. Ra’ad flees, leaving the others to be wiped out by the Osmosian. After Kevin scolds Ra’ad for his cowardice, the alien decides to sacrifice himself to save Ben, and is recaptured by Aggregor in the process. After the battle, Ben swears that he will do whatever it takes to save the captured aliens.

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Serie: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Episode Title: Fused

Air Date: 2010-06-11