Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Season 2 Episode 3

In an ancient castle, in a scientific lab, an old hag tells her master, a prince, tells him to not unleash an ancient power they have taken. The hag tries to tell Prince Gyula to go the peaceful way, but the prince and his father, the king, want to see this power, but it is revealed to be the frozen body of Dr. Vicktor. The prince thinks of freeing Dr. Vicktor of his icy prison to help them against the rebels in their civil war, but the king tries to persuade his son to not release him. Meanwhile, the gang is flying through the forest in Kevin’s jet, in order to help the king of Zarcovia to help them against the rebels in the civil war. When they are attacked by some missiles, Ben tries to become Jetray, but becomes Echo Echo instead. When the missiles are flying at the jet, Ben becomes Ultimate Echo Echo and destroys the rest of the missiles. However, they are attacked by the prince and their soldiers, but the king stops them. The king explains that the prince changed ever since his mother’s passing, and blames his father for his mother’s death. In order to get past the security that goes to Dr. Vicktor’s chamber, Ben uses Big Chill to become intangible through the lasers and shut them down. When they find Dr. Vicktor’s corpse, they are found by the soldiers and commence fighting them. However, Dr. Vicktor’s ice block begins to melt, and Ben is trying his best to keep him frozen, but Dr. Vicktor breaks free, alive and well.

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Serie: Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Episode Title: Viktor: The Spoils

Air Date: 2011-02-18