Little Britain Season 1 Episode 1

• Vicky is in trouble with her teacher for not handing in her essay.

• Sebastian is jealous of the new Treasury aide.

• Emily Howard goes to a pub.

• Andy insists Lou takes him to the opera.

• Children of Kelsey Grammer School take it in turns to read a novel.

• Gary introduces Jason to his family.

• The pianist wonders if he’s still got the plastic bag he brought with him.

• Kenny Craig takes a date to a Chinese restaurant.

• Jeremy Rent has a part for Dennis Waterman in a play of Macbeth.

• At Fat Fighters the buzz word for the day is ‘Cravings’!

• Ray McCooney is asked how he makes his soup.

• Lou takes Andy to the swimming pool.

• Daffyd Thomas’ ‘only gay’ title is challenged by Old Ma Evans’ new lodger.

• Vicky’s done her essay.

• Two Minstrels, listen to anti-minstrel politician.

• World Record Attempt – Most Beans in a Bath.

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Serie: Little Britain

Episode Title: Bath Of Beans

Air Date: 2003-09-16