Little Britain Season 1 Episode 3

• Sebastian reviews the PMs bad press after a recent bi-election.

• Vicky’s in a pub trying to buy alcoholic drinks for herself and her mates.

• Lou’s taken Andy to the seaside and is trying to buy him an ice cream.

• At Kelsey Grammer school a pupil called ‘Thorpe’ has been moved down a year.

• Kenny Craig is playing Scrabble with his Mum at the hospital.

• The two Black-and-White Minstrels are trying to find accomadation.

• After an informative debate about the fat content of dust, Marjorie introduces the group to her sister Barbara.

• Back at Kelsey Grammer, there’s new addition to the class. from the seventeenth century.

• The Pianist stops his performance to check the time Sainsbury’s supermarket shuts.

• Daffyd’s bored as he believes there’s no social activities for gay people. Myfanwy proves him wrong.

• Lou takes Andy to the video shop.

• Emily Howard is renting out a room.

• Sir Bernard Chumley greets an aspiring young actor – Joe.

• Ray McCooney has a very satisfied customer… well he was.

• Kelsey Grammer school has another new boy… here boy! Fetch!

• Dame Sally tries to finish off a book by extending words of quotes by several letters.

• Denver Mills has been booked to promote Hug-a-Leper week.

• World Record Attempters attempt to eat the most hard boiled eggs.

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Serie: Little Britain

Episode Title: Hard-Boiled Egg Eating

Air Date: 2003-09-30