Little Britain Season 2 Episode 6

• Lou takes Andy on a blind date.

• Vicky goes out with Jermaine and turns Jamaican.

• Rachel shows Nicola a rather unusual Polaroid.

• Harlem send Reverend Jesse King to take an Anglican church service. Hallelujah, Praise the lord!

• Marjorie’s determined to ruin Paul and Pat’s engagement party.

• Kenny Craig hypnotises his audience into believing they’re being entertained.

• Daffyd finally realises there’s no one in Llandawi Breffi who isn’t gay.

• Back at the Hypnotist show Kenny’s finished his book.

• Rachel shows Nicola another strange Polaroid.

• As Harvey and Jane get married, the part with the vows takes an unusual turn.

• Dennis Waterman gets a part in Star Wars.

• Bubbles hits on the owner of the Health Spa.

• Mr Mann walks into a Roy’s record shop.

• Rachel has another unusual Polaroid to show Nicola.

• Judy and Maggie sample some Gingerbread men made by an Asian girl.

• At No.10 The PM is celebrating another election victory.

• Lou takes Andy to the popular coastal town of Sphincter-on-sea.

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Serie: Little Britain

Episode Title: Episode 6

Air Date: 2004-11-23