Little Britain Season 3 Episode 1

• Bubbles bumps into her ex-husband and his new wife at the health spa.

• Lou and Andy visit an aquarium

• Dudley’s new Thai bride, Ting Tong, arrives, but she is not what he was expecting.

• Vicky and her gang are challenged to a dance-off.

• Mrs Emery meets an old friend at the supermarket

• Emily Howard has a ‘small’ facial hair problem

• Sir Norman Fry reveals a personal secret on TV.

• Carol Beer starts work in a travel agents

• Dafydd starts his new job as a rent boy.

• Anne takes part on Stars in Their Eyes

• Linda has a meeting with a bald student.

• Marjorie has had an accident with her tanning cream.

• Sebastian discovers the PM’s plan about Iran – what will he do?

• Lou and Andy visit an airshow – but where’s Andy got to?

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Serie: Little Britain

Episode Title: Episode 1

Air Date: 2005-11-17