Little Britain Season 3 Episode 4

• Mrs Emery sees someone she recognises in a Library.

• Emily hits the town with Florence to celebrate her hen night.

• Dudley is unimpressed by the arrival of Ting Tong’s mother.

• Roman reveals to Bubbles the reason he left her was because she was too skinny.

• An old man is nearing his end but not as quickly as he thought he would.

• Someone wants to travel to the island featured in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin… computer says no.

• Pat and Paul announce that they are going to have a baby. Marjorie tries to be creative with baby names.

• Sid Pegg calls an urgent Neighbourhood Watch meeting about their new enemy – Gypsies.

• Daffyd is scouting for voters for his new political ‘Gay Rights For Gays’ party

• Linda describes an Indian student to Martin.

• Mr Mann visits Roy’s paper shop to buy a magazine about feet problems.

• Sebastian is shocked to discover the PM has grown a mustache.

• Maggie’s Old English Sheepdog takes a familiar disliking to a Chinese Shi-tzu.

• Andy takes matters into his own hands when Lou refuses to rescue his Frisbee from an electricity pylon.

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Serie: Little Britain

Episode Title: Episode 4

Air Date: 2005-12-08