Little Britain Season 3 Episode 6

• Vicky Pollard demands billions from her newsagent after claiming she’s won the lottery.

• As Roman and Desiree leave the spa, Bubbles makes one last effort to win him back.

• Carol gets a shock – computer says yes!

• Lou returns to the Isle of Wright following his mum’s death. Andy is not pleased by the temporary carer Lou has arranged for him.

• Emily discovers Florence (Fred) is leaving Old Haven. • Linda is visited by a big, black man.

• Andy’s new helper wants to know about Andy’s feeling in his legs – by hitting it with a brass object.

• Mrs Emery visits the doctor with knee problems.

• Marjorie’s FatFighters finally take a stand against her.

• Linda gets a protest visit from all the students she has insulted.

• Andy’s helper finds alternative ‘entertainment’ for Andy.

• Daffyd prepares to leave the village for a new life in London.

• Anne is entering the Christmas spirit – which Dr Beagrie discovers the hard way.

• Dudley discovers Ting Tong has turned his house into a Thai restaurant.

• Sebastian is heartbroken – the PM has resigned.

• Andy has had all he can take off his new helper. When Lou returns, Andy is delighted and nearly makes a mistake…

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Serie: Little Britain

Episode Title: Episode 6

Air Date: 2005-12-24