Medical Detectives Season 4 Episode 11

On the evening of January 9, 1967, Lori Keidel, her two sisters, and her brother were left home alone while their father went to a nearby laundromat. Suddenly, a large blaze engulfed their brick ranch home. Only a few months earlier, the children’s mother disappeared, and had made no effort to contact them. Finally, on June 9, 1993, Lori found the courage to tell police the vision that had possessed her for 29 years. The most shocking revelation was that Lori had witnessed her mother’s death. On September 14, 1994, an eight by nine foot square of concrete was removed from the side yard, and a skeleton was found in the exact spot her youngest daughter remembered as being her grave. Gene Keidel was arrested for his wife’s murder nearly 30 years after her death. Gene was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Serie: Medical Detectives

Episode Title: Haunting Vision

Air Date: 1999-12-15