Medical Detectives Season 4 Episode 13

Ed and Julie Thigpen Post were a happy, successful couple. But the morning of June 3, 1986 would change the lives of Ed and Julie forever. At 7 am, Ed went for a 40-minute jog. Before leaving he drew a bath for his wife. At 7:40 am, Ed returned to the Omni Hotel, and at 7:43, he called the front desk and said that his wife had fallen in the bathtub and was not breathing. George Hollacher conducted a full-scale investigation in the background of Ed Post. The first red flag went up when the investigators discovered that Ed had a $700,000 life insurance policy on Julie. A second autopsy was performed by Dr. Paul McGarry. He found 36 areas of bruising, not noted during the original autopsy. The death was ruled a homicide and Ed Post was charged with the first-degree murder of his wife. The trial ended in 1989, and Ed was found guilty of first-degree murder. After serving six and a half years, Ed admitted to the drowning of his wife.

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Serie: Medical Detectives

Episode Title: Slippery Motives

Air Date: 1999-12-29