Pawn Stars Season 4 Episode 11

The Pawn Stars reach for the sky when an 1890’s Colt .45 “peacemaker” rides into the shop. Considered the ultimate cowboy gun, will the guys square off and draw quickly for this collectible classic or will a lack of firepower have them running for cover? Then, Rick meets a man hoping to sell his photos of a Japanese Zero shot down during World War II – in Alaska! Will Rick reach new heights to make a deal or will he fall into a tailspin? And later, Rick and Chumlee get up close and personal with the King of Rock & Roll when a man brings in Elvis Presley’s medical records. Will Rick give this sale a clean bill of health or is the prognosis not looking good?

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Serie: Pawn Stars

Episode Title: Peacemaker

Air Date: 2011-05-09