Pawn Stars Season 4 Episode 32

The Pawn Stars find themselves sailing on strange tides when a street-legal pirate ship parade float cruises their way. Will Rick surrender some booty for this one of a kind vehicle, or will a tough negotiation have him walking the plank? Then, a woman drops in with a World War II bomber jacket and flight mission logs. After surviving 29 missions, including D-Day, will these items continue to fly high and enjoy a hero’s welcome, or will heavy flak force the seller to retreat? And later, Rick and the Old Man are presented with an antique carriage strong box. Used to protect travelers from thieves in the 18th century, will the guys lock up a solid deal for this rare piece, or will it be a highway robbery?

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Serie: Pawn Stars

Episode Title: Pirate's Booty

Air Date: 2011-09-12