The Untouchables Season 1 Episode 20

Movie: “”The Gun of Zangara””

Chicago. November 9, 1932. FDR has just been elected president, and the repeal of Prohibition is inevitable. But later that night, Ness and his men smash another of Capone’s breweries. Agent Youngfellow asks Eliot, “”Are we going to be out of work?”” But Ness tells him no– after all, bootleg booze was only a part of the Capone empire: there’s still narcotics, gambling, prostitution, protection rackets, etc. Capone may start muscling in on legitimate businesses; in fact, Ness is having a meeting with Mayor Anton Cermak– they want to “”clean up this town”” before the Chicago World’s Fair in the spring of 1933.

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Serie: The Untouchables

Episode Title: The Unhired Assassin (1)

Air Date: 1960-02-25