The Untouchables Season 1 Episode 28

1934. Prohibition had been repealed (the Volstead Act ran from January 17, 1920 – April 7, 1933). The syndicate was looking for new sources of revenue. Frank Nitti expands his empire, and goes after small theatres– with his extortion racket. Late one night, after theatre owner Harold Coldman had refused to pay, Nitti has his triggerman Louie Campagna throw some acid into Coldman’s face, blinding him. Eliot Ness and his men are on the case– this is only the latest in a series of muggings and beatings; even a theatre was burned down. Ness knows if he lets Nitti get away with extorting the small, independent theatre owners, in a few months Nitti will go after the big chains.

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Serie: The Untouchables

Episode Title: The Frank Nitti Story

Air Date: 1960-04-28